This week Year 3 have hosted 5 extra students. The school have hosted some Chinese exchange students and 5 of these students were in year 3 with us all week, we had Emily, Aili, Ruby, Tony & Alex.

We’ve had a very busy week indeed. Below are just a few of the things we have done this week

Please don’t forget to keep learning your common exceptional words ready for Year 4…

accident                   actual                         address            answer

arrive                        believe                       bicycle             centre

century                     circle                          decide               early

earth                            eight                         eighth                enough

forward                      fruit                           heard                   heart

height                        history                       learn                    length

library                        minute                     naughty              notice

often                          perhaps                     popular             potatoes

promise                    purpose                    quarter              question

reign                           sentence                  strange                thought

through                     weight                       woman               women

occasion                    actually                    describe             February

occasionally            accidentally