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Year 3 visit Ribchester Museum!

On Thursday 5th October, Year 3 were very excited about their visit to Ribchester Museum to support our topic – ‘Did the Romans visit Lancashire?’  It all started with a lively journey on the ‘Party Bus’, singing along to pop songs!  When we got there, we met Patrick who gave us a talk, passed around some artefacts and even let us dress up Roman soldiers.

We then visited the outdoor ruins and the Roman Bathhouse.

The day ended with a play on the local park – what a FANTASTIC day!


Welcome to Year 3!!

Look at our new Year 3 class, enjoying their first day in Key Stage two.  They have already made a fantastic start!


What a week for Sport!!

This Wednesday afternoon was Westwood’s Sport Day and what an event it was!

It was a glorious afternoon and the children all competed to the best of their abilities.

Have a look at the photos below:

Also….. On Thursday evening Sophie and David represented Westwood Year 3 at the Clayton Cup event at Clayton Brook Primary School … they did us proud!!


Our week of visitors

This week Year 3 have hosted 5 extra students. The school have hosted some Chinese exchange students and 5 of these students were in year 3 with us all week, we had Emily, Aili, Ruby, Tony & Alex.

We’ve had a very busy week indeed. Below are just a few of the things we have done this week

Please don’t forget to keep learning your common exceptional words ready for Year 4…

accident                   actual                         address            answer

arrive                        believe                       bicycle             centre

century                     circle                          decide               early

earth                            eight                         eighth                enough

forward                      fruit                           heard                   heart

height                        history                       learn                    length

library                        minute                     naughty              notice

often                          perhaps                     popular             potatoes

promise                    purpose                    quarter              question

reign                           sentence                  strange                thought

through                     weight                       woman               women

occasion                    actually                    describe             February

occasionally            accidentally

Class Visit to Tatton Park

On Friday, a very excited bunch of children set off to Tatton Park for a fun-filled day of learning…

The Celts who ran the park were called Morag, Tilda, and Esma. They made the day very interesting and taught us lots. There were three workshops, which were all really good fun…

  • We made flatbread just like the vikings did, then baked them on the open fire.
  • We used clay to make bowls or pendants.
  • We made a ‘turtle’ wall out of shields

We were certainly ready to eat by the time lunchtime came round, and got there just in time as the Messengers (blackbirds) were just about to tuck in to our lunches…. David saved the day when he spotted them before they did any damage.

We also saw lots of ‘dragons’ flying overhead too. All in all, it was a great day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Take a look at some of the fabulous pictures below…

English Reading

Welcome Back to Year 3


This term we have started on fantasy stories. Our current book is Ice Palace, by Robert Swindells.

This story is about two main characters, Starjik and Ivan.
Ivan is the hero, and will save the children from Starjik, we hope!

Whose is the tallest??

How TALL is your Sunflower?
Before the break each child took home a sunflower, we hope they are growing very well. we’d love to see a picture of any particularly special growers…

That’s all for this week, we will have some more class updates for you next week!

Art & Half Term

Welcome back to Year 3

The children have had a very ‘arty’ week as you can see from all the pictures below, we have Lowry pictures as well as the Batik pictures which you will be able to view and purchase at the upcoming Art Exhibition, look out for the date in the newsletter. And just in case you are wondering, Batik is using hot wax to make the picture, then painting the picture once it is cooled down.



Our topic next term is ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’

This half term the children haven’t been given any set homework, but if they can practice the following they will start the next term off very well…

  • Reading
  • Times Tables
  • Spelling of common exceptional words
  • Telling the time

Magnet Strengths

Welcome back to Year 3

This week in Science we have been testing the strength of magnets…

The children used paper clips to test each magnet to see which could hold the most clips.  From a very tiny to a huge magnet, there were lots of different results.

Take a look at the slide show below to see how we got on!


This week we have been learning about folktales, in particular ‘The Lancashire Giant’ this is a tale about Johnny, the boy who wanted to be bigger! If you ask your child they will be able to tell you all about Johnny and how he got bigger! But, if you take a look at some of the videos below you will be able to see them ‘showing’ you what it is about.

The children have done really well this week in the Westwood Run for Uganda, each child has run a mile every day and any extra distances they do at home can be added onto the distance form and will go towards the sponsorship total.

Has your child started their sponsorship yet?


Take a look at Lacey’s PowerPoint slideshow on LS Lowry

Lowry by Lacey

Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back after the Easter break!

This term our topic is ‘There’s No Place Like Home‘ we will be discovering more about the locality and it’s history.

Ben has already prepared a presentation on the local area for you to see below…

Bens home sweet home presentation

Running for Westwood

Before the break Lottie & Sophie represented the school when they took part in the ‘Chorley Schools Race’ in Astley Park. It was a lovely sunny day and the girls ran 1200m, not satisfied with just the one race the girls then joined Lottie’s younger sister, Eva – who is in Reception Class, in the fun run.

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